Governor Pence is on the wrong side of history

pencefbGovernor Pence just doesn’t get it.

Just days after Attorney General Greg Zoeller filed an appeal of the landmark ruling striking down Indiana’s marriage ban, Governor Mike Pence announced today that the state will not recognize the marriages of hundreds of same-sex couples who legally wed in Indiana late last month.

That means, for now, legally married same-sex couples in Indiana will still be denied the critical protections and respect that only marriage can provide.

Governor Pence does not speak for Hoosiers. So that’s why today, we’re generating thousands of calls to his office, urging the Governor to respect legally married couples for exactly what they are—married.

Tell Governor Pence: Stop harming Hoosier families! Dial 317-232-4567 for Governor Pence now and urge him to respect the marriages of same-sex couples who have legally wed in Indiana. Then click here to let us know that you called.

While Hoosier families waited in line for hours to receive their marriage licenses—the truth of the matter is, many of those same couples have been waiting years for the freedom to marry the one they love.

And don’t let Governor Pence fool you, Joe: there is nothing “uncertain” about these marriages. These couples applied for licenses, they said their vows—and they were pronounced legally married in the state of Indiana.

The federal government has already said it will respect Indiana’s legally married same-sex couples. Now it’s time for the state they call home to respect their legal marriages too.

Join thousands of Hoosiers across the state right now by calling Governor Pence and urging him to respect the marriages of same-sex couples who wed in Indiana late last month. Just dial 317-232-4567 for Governor Pence, then click here to let us know that you made your voice heard.

I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done in these last few weeks. You’re making a huge difference.